A space in which airborne contaminants (e.g., suspended fine particles and suspended microorganisms) are systematically controlled below a specified cleanliness level and air pollution control is implemented. A space where the required cleanliness level is maintained for materials, chemicals, water, etc. supplied to the space, and where environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, trace gas components, static electricity, microvibration, and electromagnetic waves are controlled as necessary.

​Clean rooms have a level setting called “class” that determines how clean the environment is, and JIS and ISO standards define clean room classes by the dust particles in the air.

The air cleanliness class required is determined by the products and processes to be manufactured, and the number of particles in the space is measured with a device called a “particle counter”.

As an example, a plant that is not a normal clean room is said to have a class of 10,000,000 or higher. Even if you feel that your office environment is clean, there are many suspended solids in the air and the air is actually class 1,000,000 or more. A class 10,000 to 100,000 or more is said to be present in the ocean and forests, where the air is clean and clear.



In order to prevent dust from entering the clean room from the outside, we install high performance filters at the air entrances to prevent dust from entering the clean room.

The inside of the clean room is under positive pressure, and if there is a gap, the air does not enter the clean room, but exits the room. The indoor unit uses a special filter “HEPA” and the air conditioning is controlled so that the air that passes through the filter always enters the room.

The entrance/exit is double-doored, and an air shower is installed to prevent air pollution by dust and dirt, if it happens.

In addition, employees working in the clean room wear special work clothes to prevent contamination of the room.

In addition, we are equipped with a particle counter that measures the number of particles in the clean room and constantly monitors them to maintain the specified clean room cleanliness.



We handle a wide range of products in our clean room class 10000 facilities.

​We have introduced a fully unmanned automated production system, which has resulted in a highly efficient work process.

We manufacture a wide range of products, including medical equipment such as syringes, blood collection tubes and petri dishes, precision equipment, electronic components and plastic products, as well as food container-related products. If you would like more information, please contact us.



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