A space in which airborne contaminants (e.g., suspended fine particles and suspended microorganisms) are systematically controlled below a specified cleanliness level and air pollution control is implemented.
A space where the required cleanliness level is maintained for materials, chemicals, water, etc. supplied to the space, and where environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, trace gas components, static electricity, microvibration, and electromagnetic waves are controlled as necessary.


  • 成形機(50t 〜 950t )
  • 取り出し機
  • 3Dスキャナー
  • オートストッカー
  • NCフライス
  • NC放電
  • 平面研削盤
  • 金型洗浄機
  • 金型溶接機
  • 自動旋盤
  • 自動インサート機


  • 日精樹脂工業
  • 三菱重工
  • 東洋機械金属
  • ユーシン精機 
  • スター精機
  • ハーモ    
  • U.M.D

Facilities (excerpt/number of units not stated)

  • Forming Machine
  • Take-out machine
  • 3D scanner

Facilities Suppliers

  • Nissei Jushi Kogyo
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Yushin Seiki 
  • Star Micronics


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